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The Day I LeftNovels and short stories that hold a lantern up to the darker side of life. There are monsters in the shadows, and those monsters are us.

Sepultura Biography

Sepultura BioRelentless - Thirty Years of Sepultura, the complete story of Sepultura's epic career, available now online and in stores.


DemmelitionsAtmospheric music, the soundtracks to stories written and unwritten. These are the notes that resonate between the lines.

Latest News

The English edition of Relentess - Thirty Years of Sepultura is out now in the US, UK, Australia, Canada, and all other English language territories. You fine people can order (if you haven't already) via sepulturabook.com (where you can also preview the first chapter before buying) or through the Amazon of your respective countries. Need further convincing? Noisey recently ran an interview with yours truly, as well as an exclusive excerpt from the book. Check that out, here.


The English edition of RELENTLESS - 30 Years of Sepultura is now available for pre-order over at sepulturabook.com, with an expected publication date of December 4, 2014. Want to be a part of the book? Place your order by November 23 and get your name inscribed in the Roll of Honour, and for a discounted price, no less. On a related note, I had the pleasure of hand-delivering a copy of the Polish edition to Andreas Kisser in New York City this past weekend, when he dropped by with his other band, De La Tierra...


English language rights to my Sepultura book, provisionally titled Relentless - 30 Years of Sepultura, have been picked up by Rocket 88, a UK-based publisher dedicated to exploring new worlds of music and popular culture. It is an absolute pleasure working with this team. The book is scheduled for release in December, and you can register for production updates at sepulturabook.com. And on October 8...




Jason Korolenko is a musician, writer, raconteur, and budding photographer. His book RELENTLESS - 30 YEARS OF SEPULTURA, a complete biography covering the struggles, strife, and successes of Brazil's most popular musical export, has been published in three languages worldwide.

His novel, THE DAY I LEFT, drove Orion Book Award winner Craig Childs to declare, "I'm walking away from this book feeling dizzy and uncertain of my own circumstance," and was hailed by renowned author Charlie Stella as "a fine debut by a writer with international flare and solid insight into the mania we each, every one of us, carry within our tortured souls."