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The Day I LeftNovels and short stories that hold a lantern up to the darker side of life. There are monsters in the shadows, and those monsters are us.

Sepultura Biography

Sepultura BioRelentless - The Book of Sepultura is the only book-length bio to cover the Brazilian legends' entire 30 year career.


DemmelitionsAtmospheric music, the soundtracks to stories written and unwritten. These are the notes that resonate between the lines.

Latest News

Relentless - 30 Years of Sepultura, my biography of the legendary Brazilian metal band, has been listed for pre-order in Poland. Published by In Rock/Vesper, Sepultura - Brazylijska Furia (Brazilian Fury, as it is called there) has an estimated release date of October 8...


...headbangers and music lovers out there, you can check out my recent review of Lamb of God’s and director Don Argott’s documentary As the Palaces Burn, a piece on KISS’s Paul Stanley and his recently released memoir, and an article about my newest obsession, Japan’s Babymetal.

Sepultura fans in Brazil waiting for Relentless, I beg your patience a bit longer. The book is finished and ready to drop, but has run into some unexpected delays...


2013 is, as they say, winding down, even as the workload for other projects ratchets up. While there are a proverbial shit-ton of things I can't talk about yet, I can run you through the gauntlet of autumn news...

Sepultura biography: the Brazilian edition's cover and title have been nailed down, both of which I will share with you lovely people as soon as I can. The book will include over 70 photos, most of which have never before been seen by the general public. I'm also wrapping up contract revisions for... Read more...




Jason Korolenko fancies himself a horror and dark literary fiction writer, as pretentious and self-involved as that sounds.

He is the author of The Day I Left, a murder mystery/ghost story/devolution into madness set in the south of France, and Relentless - The Book of Sepultura, an upcoming biography of the Brazilian/American metal legends.